Yours Truly

I’m the kind of writer who has a stack of scrap paper – ripped pages, torn corners, post it notes, envelopes, napkins (if it can be written on and stuffed into my pocket, it’s useful) – scribbled with lines, ideas, poetry, words, whatever momentary brilliance pops into my head. Or momentary madness…after all, they go hand in hand. The type of writer whose mind thinks faster than they can write. The kind of writer whose notebooks could fill one 36” long bookshelf, but instead sit in a plastic storage bin awaiting a day I travel down memory lane. These days there is very little time for reminiscing. Unless, of course, I have writer’s block. Only then will you find me cuddled with nostalgia, notebooks galore, trapped in the awe or disgust of my past work. That’s the kind of writer I am.

Looking beyond this writer, you’ll find an artist. I have been creating aesthetic works of art since my time spent in the womb. Okay well maybe since Alf first invaded television sets. It’s possible my artwork wasn’t aesthetically pleasing back then – I was four – but it certainly makes me laugh until I cry today. I’m the kind of person who eats wit on toast each morning and washes it down with a bottle of sarcasm. Fueled by bitterness, I am ready to start my day! I’m that stranger who’ll flip you the bird for cutting me off in traffic, but I am the same stranger who stops when you need to cross the street. That person walking their big cuddly dog, that’s me. I adore dogs, and I give to animal charities. See that person hiking along the riverside? That’s me too. Nature – the outdoors – is my second home. I recycle what I can, and enjoy repurposing old lumber for creative projects. I believe in speaking one’s mind, honesty, chivalry, respect, freedoms, and justice. I cuss like a sailor – thanks dad – and my temper is of a level 5 ginger – thanks mom! That’s the kind of person I have become.

About my writing
I write in various styles, and like most people I have favorites. I’ve had poetry published. I have been writing poetry since I was 13 years old. When I write stories, I typically write in the following genres: creative non-fiction, fiction: fantasy, sci-fi, and children’s books. Since I enjoy drawing, I’d like to try a graphic novel, but have yet to come up with any ideas for that project. I have written a survivor memoir that I may some day publish. I’m currently working on four books – two fantasy, one sci-fi, and one children’s book (I aim to illustrated that one too).

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